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At Souder Tate Law, our focus is on criminal defense. One hundred percent of my law practice is devoted to helping people charged with felonies, misdemeanors, ordinance violations and traffic offenses or who have lost their driving privileges because of alcohol offenses or point problems. My experience, training and yearly continuing legal education provide me with a broad and deep understanding of both criminal law and procedures as well as the many personal factors which can lead to the filing of criminal charges. I believe in hoping for the best while planning for the worst. This is the reason I not only thoroughly review each client's case looking for possible defenses but help my client develop and document mitigating factors which can help my client in the future.

I have thirty years of courtroom experience in Southwest Missouri. I practice before the judges and know the prosecutors who will be assigned to your case. If you have been charged with a drug or alcohol-related crime, have received a traffic ticket, or if you have lost your driving privileges, I can help guide you through the legal process. You can find out more about my practice areas and how I can help you or a loved one at the following pages.

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