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Souder Tate Law is a criminal defense law firm located in Springfield, Missouri. Souder Tate is an experienced criminal defense attorney, sentencing advocate and drug court professional. He focuses on providing exceptional and compassionate criminal defense to clients charged with:

Souder Tate serves every client with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

Knowledge: In order for clients to make the right choices in their criminal case, they need to know all the facts and how the law applies to those facts. Souder Tate educates his clients on the law and how the law applies to their case. He knows what it takes to give his clients the best chance at avoiding a conviction or prison or jail. He knows how to get his clients the help they need.

Wisdom: Wisdom comes from a depth of experience. Souder Tate has thirty years of experience in the criminal justice system, including four years as an elected prosecuting attorney. Souder Tate has served as the defense representative on area Drug and DWI courts for several years. He sits on the Board of Directors of both the Missouri Association of Drug Court Professionals and the Missouri Continuing Education Consortium and speaks at conferences for both organizations. Souder Tate has the education and experience required to give clients the wise advice they need.

Understanding: Every person is unique with a story to tell. The story a judge hears should not be limited to the prosecutor’s version of what happened. The judge needs to hear a complete story, a compelling story, a story of hope and change. Souder Tate understands the importance and power of telling his client’s story. His undergraduate degree was in Creative Writing, and he has spoken at addiction conferences on the power of story to motivate change. Because Souder Tate has a perspective on criminal defense which no other criminal defense attorney can offer, he can help his clients re-write their stories and change their lives.

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"Mr. Tate runs a professional and efficient law practice that has very reasonable fees. I could not be happier with the service I received. Mr. Tate and his assistant Rachel are courteous and professional. They both worked very hard to ensure that my case would have the desired outcome that I was looking for. I would not hesitate to use Souder Tate Law LLC again."
- Ron, felony DWI client

Souder Tate far exceeded my expectations as an Attorney who not only cared but got better results than I had ever hoped for. He came recommended to me by a friend and after doing some exhaustive research on many Attorney's in the SW MO. area, we decided to give him a try ... I wouldn't dream of shopping for another Attorney as long as Souder Tate Law Firm is in business. He's an honest, hard working, knowledgeable, trustworthy, responsive, fair man and you don't find that often, if at all, when searching for the right Attorney to take yours or your loved one's case. Thank you so very much Souder!
- E. H., DWI Client

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